Potato and Pea Derivatives

Romariz distributes products derived from potato and from pea throughout the national territory and manufactures products from such ingredients according to the demand of its customers.

For its all line derived from potatoes and from peas, Romariz has partnered with Emsland Group - a company based in Germany and currently the world leader in pea, potato flakes and pea processing.

Some line products:
  1. Potato Flakes for mashed potatoes
  2. Potato Flakes for gnocchi
  3. Potato Pea
  4. Native and modified starches from potatoes and from peas
  5. Pea protein
  6. Pea Fiber

Applications: pasta, soups, sausages, potato snack, mashed potatoes, gnocchi, frozen foods, bakery, gums and jellies, fillings, sauces, chewing gum, nutraceuticals.

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